Adventure Dog Clothing

T-shirts and Hoodies with my own creative designs, carefully selected, soft to the touch and made to last with pawprints all over. For the Vizsla, pointer, bird dog lover and those that venture off the path with our pups. Printed in Canada and designed from my own dogs and adventures. There are lots of unisex and options for women, requested by YOU!
$89.00 CAD
$35.00 CAD
$80.00 CAD
The Adventure Vizsla hoodie from Whiskey and Bourbon, mywhiskeygirl, pointer dog clothing, hoody, hiking with dogs
$87.00 CAD $95.00 CAD
Man modelling Mountain Dog Sweatshirt in Navy
$70.00 CAD $80.00 CAD
Women's trail dog tshirt for adventure canines
$35.00 CAD
turquoise blue Dog design flowy crop tank top
Adventure dogs tshirt unisex with Squamish mountains
$25.00 CAD $35.00 CAD