October 14, 2021

How to measure your dog

How to measure your dog - Red Bark Shop

Hello! To order your canine sweater, please make sure your measure your dog ahead of time. These sizes are based on Vizsla sizes but do not assume a certain size as there will not be full refunds on mis-measurements.

Your dog must be standing in the position in the photo, you might find it easier to have another person help and use a soft measuring tape, or a string. Do not measure while your dog is sitting or leaning down or you will have incorrect sizing. Do not let someone else measure your dog, if you have a question about measurement please take a photo and contact me. If your dog is very young, I suggest waiting until it is fully grown before ordering. Do not add extra inches to the measurement or let your dog move or change his position or you will not have accurate measurements. 

Your dog may fit slightly under the measurements (ie neck) but not larger otherwise the sweater will not stretch enough. The chest and length is most important to fit perfectly, your dog must fit under the rest of the 2 measurements. First, go by CHEST measurements, the length is not as important as chest!

  • Back length- from the base of neck, to base of tail
  • Chest Girth-measured at widest part
  • Abdominal girth- most narrow part
  • Neck Circumference- base of neck *not collar
X Small Small Medium  Large X-Large
Back Length (2) 17.7 inches 19 20 22 23
Chest Girth (1) 22.1-25.1 inches 24.4-28.3 25.9-28.5 27.5-29.5 29-32.5
Abdominal girth 17.3-18.9 inches 17.7-20.4 19.6-22 20.4-23 21-24.5
Neck Circumference 15.7-16.9 inches 17.3-19 18.5-19.6 19.6-21 20-22.5
Very approx weight* 35-43 lbs 42-52 48-58 55-63 60+

 *Weight is very approximate and used as an indication your other measurements may not be correct

Sizing- you must measure your dog. Do not go by your dog's weight or what you think they may be comparable to as my ability to accept returns is very limited and if the sweater is worn (has dog hair or looks worn) it cannot be returned for a resell. Also if stock is sold, I cannot exchange even an unworn sweater for another size if they are sold out.

Canine Gilets- please size up if between sizes, if your dog has a wider chest, or if your dog is young and has yet to fill out.

Please contact me before ordering if you're concerned your dog is outside of these measurements. Other breeds that fit these sweaters outside of Vizslas are Dalmatians, German Shorthaired Pointers, English Pointers, Airedale Terriers, Dobermann, English Springer Spaniel, Brittany Spaniel and other pointers.