Dog Lover Hats

Hats designed for the dog lover. Handmade beanies, as well as city trucker hats, blaze orange hunting dog hats, and running hats featuring dogs, pointers, and Vizslas. All dog-themed hats are made in Canada, designed by myself after my own two Vizslas.
Blue Running with Dogs hat with shoes and dog leash
$49.00 CAD
Pointer dog hat in beige with green mesh
$51.00 CAD
Vizsla bird dog hat with navy mesh and pointing dog
$50.00 CAD
Hand-knitted pointer dog beanies and toques top view
$84.00 CAD
Iconic Puff embroidery Pointer dog Hat in Black
Blonde girl wearing dog trucker hat
$50.00 CAD
woman modelling hiker dog hat with misty cloudy forest
$37.50 CAD $50.00 CAD
Melton Wool dog hat in grey with dark grey brim and patch
$39.75 CAD $53.00 CAD
Grey puff embroidery dog hat on woman
Blaze orange hunting hat with Puff embroidery Pointer dog
Running dog hat with chinese brush painting in turquoise
Front view of blaze orange hunting dog hat for pointing dog lovers