October 25, 2021

How to apply a transfer sticker

How to apply a transfer sticker - Red Bark Shop

A special tape holds the design together so you can transfer it onto your laptop, car, window, or other surface.

1. Clean the surface you are applying the sticker to, makes sure it's dry, maybe use a micro cloth to clean the surface and remove any dust and wetness.

2. To install a transfer sticker, slowly peel the sticker from the paper backing. Your sticker will adhere to to it and lift off the backing as well.

3. Next, place the transfer sticker across on your desired surface and use your fingers to apply pressure across the face of the sticker so it firmly adheres. Use a credit card to reinforce the adhesion before removing the transfer tape.

4. Be sure to slowly remove the transfer tape to avoid peeling the sticker up with it.

5. To be safe, let the design sit before peeling away the transfer tape, and also peeling away at a 180 degree angle makes it easier to remove the tape.