When will you have more stock?

Please sign up for my newsletter and I will email when we receive new stock. You can also keep tabs on Instagram for the latest news.

When are you open?

I will open the shop periodically for sales and will announce it to my newsletter and online social media. It's only one person (me, Adele), so I'd like to be able to get everything in the mail within a couple business days.

How come stock is so limited?

It's my first time and my own money so I'll be hopefully adjusting numbers to demand as I go on. I'm learning how to do this, so please be patient. Knitted sweaters are very limited because they are hand knitted, not machine knitted.

Why is shipping/products so much money?

Shipping is very expensive and if I can, I try to add in tracking. If shipping ends up being cheaper without tracking I will refund you the difference. 

Do you have a coupon code?

No, I am not planning to have coupon codes. Ideally discounts will be made available automatically to everyone.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes! I will ship to most countries but shipping fees outside of Canada and USA may be expensive. Shopify calculates them automatically although I offer a discount off the regular fees especially for smaller items including calendars. These discounts are invisible (for example it may cost normally $25 to ship to Hungary but I have made it much cheaper to be affordable).

Where are donations going?

I donate a large portion (50% this year) of my calendar sales to Search and Rescue operations around my area, and also to Animal Rescue organizations. Last year I donated to Best Friends Society, Pemberton SAR, Squamish SAR, North Shore SAR and rescues in Australia dealing with forest fires. I like to be flexible depending on what areas may need help.

Can you make (insert product idea)?

Please contact me with product requests and ideas! I have lots of things in the pipeline but would love to hear from you.