About Me

Hello! I'm Adele :)

8 years ago I was a visual effects movie artist (look development artist), and photographer when I got Whiskey, my first dog. Whiskey totally changed my life. Even before Whiskey my husband Thierry and I were forced to buy an apartment because nothing in Vancouver was puppy-friendly for renters. I went from a city-girl to driving further and further out of town every weekend to take Whiskey on adventures. Whiskey loved modelling for the camera and I started Whiskey's Instagram account to keep her happy.

At first we would hike loads, then we started backcountry camping and driving 6+ hours a day to adventure. Eventually I quit my job and we moved further out of the city to support Whiskey's life style. My city clothes became merino and gore-tex everything. My human friends wouldn't see me for months while we disappeared into the mountains. 

Last year we added Bourbon to the mix. Bourbon isn't as keen on posing, but she loves to keep everyone entertained and sometimes does drive-bys while we're hiking to check up on us. Usually Bourbon's off on her own adventures but sometimes she shows up to pose and sneak some treats.

We started a yearly calendar 4 years ago and it's been growing organically ever since. Last year I added stickers and magnets and since I've had such a hard time finding hiking hats, I created my own this year! Of course then I had to add car stickers, and some other bits and bobs that I wanted for myself. We've had so many people ask us about Bravehound sweaters and so I decided to import them for sales in North America. I hope you love what I've created inspired by my Vizslas, and if you have any questions, hit me up on our Instagram, check out my blog or by email adele@redbarkphotography.com