March 04, 2023

Choose the Perfect Gun Dog Hat for Any Occasion

Black Gunddog hat with pointing dog embroidery
all brown GSP pointing in a field

Do you have a gun dog and are looking for gun dog hats? You've found the place! Stylish and practical bird dog hats for men, women, in all manner of uses made in Canada, ready to ship (and free shipping to North America if you get two!). 

Blaze orange gundog hats

The 7 panel blaze orange gun dog hat with embroidery details is one of my favorites I ever made! 

Green olive gundog hat on Vizsla dog

Vizsla dog hat

For a more creative spin on a trucker hat, this birddog hat has birds on one side and pointer on the other with blue mesh and a tan brim. This is one of my best-sellers!

Man wearing Black Gunddog hat with pointing dog

The Classic 6 panel black gundog hat, featuring black on black embroidery of a pointing dog. Perfect if you own a pointer and want a hat to wear for all occasions.

Blaze Orange gundog hunting hat with brown brim

This 6 Panel Blaze Orange hunting hat is great to throw into a truck, with a dark brown brim and a dog line work detail on the front.

English Pointer Pointing Birds