March 15, 2023

Hungarian Vizsla Pointer T-shirts for Sale

Hungarian Vizsla Pointer T-shirts for Sale - Red Bark Shop

Check out my Hungarian Vizsla tshirt selection for unique hand silkscreened pieces. Shipping free over $70 Canadian (about $50 USD) with tracking! Great Vizsla-themed clothing to gift for birthdays or any occasion and know you're buying quality pieces made to last. 

A light flowy origami geometric dog tank top perfect for the summer


Mountain Dog Tshirt with Vizsla Pointer Hat and Pointing dog Earrings
A happy running dog overlaid with mountains from Squamish, BC. There's also lots of Vizsla themed accessories to check out as well!


Origami dog Black Tshirt with puff embroidery black hat in a flat lay
Lots of unisex options like this simple t-shirt of a Vizsla lineart on black. Great for men or women in a soft T.

A grey Vizsla shirt with a dog pointing at a bird, in both womens and unisex options.