3 Vizsla Pointing dog hats stacked
March 14, 2023

Vizsla Hats and Gifts for the Vizsla Lover in Your Life

Check out quality Vizsla themed gifts uniquely designed and handmade at Red Bark Shop. Shop a large range of clothing, hats, stickers, accessories, and sweaters for Vizsla Lovers everywhere. My collection is sold directly from my own home, designed by myself out of love for my own two Vizslas. 

Hats and jewelry are made in Canada and are ready to ship if in stock. Free shipping to USA and Canada over $70 Cad with tracking. 

Small presents from keychains and stickers to Tshirts and hats

Trail dog Hoodie with pointer hat and bird dog keychain flatlay

The best-selling hoodie has a beautiful monoline design of a Vizsla watching the sunset on the back in both black and grey options. 

Black geometric Pointer dog Tshirt with black dog hat flatlay

The best-selling T-shirt is simple and understated easy to wear for both men and women.