February 27, 2023

German Shorthaired Pointer GSP Handknit Sweaters

German Shorthaired Pointer GSP sweater

Looking for a sweater that fits GSPs perfectly? Just made for their shape and lovingly handknitted? Check out the Bravehound sweaters with the long athletic bodies of bird dogs in mind.

The sweaters are knitted by hand with warm wool yarns and made to last. You can machine wash them and they're available in several colors in sizes from XS to XL (German Shorthaired dogs from approx 35-75lbs). They're also great for Germain Wirehaired Pointers, Griffins and similarly shaped dogs.

Perfect for colder weather when short-haired dogs are shivering, wool keeps warm even when wet and damp. The ribbing stretches for running and active dogs, and the turtleneck has a hole perfect for leashing. These are extremely high-end sweaters that will last and last.