June 20, 2022

The Best Winter Knitted Dog Sweaters

The Best Winter Knitted Dog Sweaters - Red Bark Shop

You will not find a more classic, more high quality sweater than the hand-knit Bravehound sweater. They're hand cable knitted and made to suit skinnier longer dogs that have such a hard time finding something that fits well. Mass-produced machine knitted canine sweaters take the "average" dog body, shorter and wider than the slim Pointer (Hungarian, German, English, or any pointer) and look baggy and ill-suited.

The Bravehound sweater will actually hug to your dog's body and the classic cable-knit will stretch to suit many sizes (check out the sizing guide!). The neck is the longest I've seen produced and include a hole for a leash attachment. We've kept our sweater for 6 years now and it looks as good as new! They're even machine-washable!

the neck can be folded back

Cheap acrylic yarns are made from petroleum-based thermoplastic, are not fire-resistant (as yarn is), is not sustainable, and is not as warm as wool. They're fine for a cute winter photo, but will not actually keep your skinny dog warm through years.

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