April 07, 2022

New Adventure Dog Stickers

New Adventure Dog Stickers - Red Bark Shop

I've been asked in the past to make some of my designs stickers and so I've made my own little collection (if you just want one, send me a message). For the last couple months I've been working on my illustration skills and have added a couple more designs to my shop. 

Monoline Adventure Dog Collection

These are 4 drawings based on adventures my Vizslas and I have taken together  locally around the Pacific Northwest. There's the one featured on T-shirts and hoodies of Whiskey overlooking Mt Baker during sunset, Whiskey on a STUMP in Golden Ears Park, Bourbon waking up very early for sunrise at Moraine Lake in Banff National Park, and Whiskey in the misty local forests around home. They're printed on easy-peel stickers so the edges look thicker than they would be when used. The best part is they're on a new surfaced called "brushed gold" with a sheen like brushed metal that's really neat when you see it in person! Tear and waterproof, they're great for indoor and outdoor use.

Bourbon with butterflies Holographic Sticker

This one really touches my heart. It personifies Bourbon's personality. She absolutely loves dancing with butterflies in the spring and the rainbow holographic background is just...very Bourbon. Also waterproof and tearproof, and Bourbon-approved.