February 17, 2022

Painting Dogs

Painting Dogs - Red Bark Shop

I grew up painting, sculpting, sewing, and drawing all through high school and eventually ended up putting down my brush and working in movies (link to movies I worked on). When I finally moved to the West Coast of Canada, working on more movies, I fell in love with hiking mountains and knew I had to get a dog.

Fast forward to a year ago when I started painting again, about once a month. I hadn't painted much in a decade but had made a promise to myself to try again. It's the scariest thing to get back into doing something I was actually once confident at, and making so many mistakes knowing full well I could do better.

To start, I'm using paints that are half dried, old paint brushes, and wood canvases that don't take too long to complete. I'm finishing old sketch books with new drawings, and slowly getting better. My subjects are the dogs I've taken photos of over the years (dogs make me happy, so the entire process is more enjoyable) and my own two Vizslas.

It's been odd finding my own style again, but it's so rewarding to create final products that I've wanted for myself. At some point I'd like to take commissions but I'm hesitant to draw from sources I don't have control over, and create for strangers. I'm still much more confident in photography but slowly, step by step, I'll get better, I just have to take those scary steps and put myself out there!