May 02, 2022

Runners Hats for Dog Lovers

Runners Hats for Dog Lovers - Red Bark Shop

Fun technical running caps have always been far and few between, especially those for women, especially those featuring dogs! The Running with dogs hat was my best-seller when I released the grey/black version last fall so I was extremely excited to be able to add new styles and colors.

I had someone write to me explaining my previous grey/black hat had an error where the dog was behind the runner and that in most worlds, the dog would be in front! While it is true that Whiskey is normally heeling behind me on runs, Bourbon is usually way way ahead and sprinting in circles! The blue hat is now reflective of Bourbon's tendencies and you can now chose between runner in front or behind the pup.

In addition, I've added a turquoise running hat featuring a painting I made of Bourbon sprinting on a beach. It's done with a Chinese Brush style and the red circle is my Chinese signature stamp. I love this color so much and it's my favorite running hat!

Freedom Dogs Running Hat


All caps feature NO Velcro to catch your hair on, instead there's an adjustable strap and clip. The technical run hat is very lightweight, crushable, quick drying, and has a combination of ventilation, wicking and sun protection that works well in all climates (I use them when it's raining to keep the water off). In addition, SHIPPING IS INCLUDED for all hats shipped in Canada and the USA.