May 02, 2022

The Vizsla Gift Shop

The Vizsla Gift Shop - Red Bark Shop

Welcome to the Vizsla Gift shop! Here we have everything Vizsla and I'm already planning on some Wirehaired Vizsla products in the future. I also have other bird dog breeds but at the Red Bark Shop, the Red Dogs are the focus.

I have everything from sweaters specifically sized for Vizslas, to T-shirts, hoodies, earrings, and a variety of hats for the Hungarian Pointing dog's fans. Check out the variety of Vizsla Stickers I have up, as well as the photo prints of my own dogs Whiskey and Bourbon.

If you've ever been looking for something that I do not currently have, or have ideas, please let me know! The entire shop holds products that I've wanted, use daily, and love. Most of the drawings and illustrations I've made myself, and I've designed all the hats. Here's to all the Vizsla fans and those that love red dogs!