February 03, 2022

Why shop small?

Why shop small? - Red Bark Shop


Vizsla nature hat

It's so hard to shop for someone that spends more on their bird dog then themselves! I've always had the hardest time looking for high quality clothing that I relate to. Sure, there are always the gimmicky t-shirts declaring yourself a "fill-in-the-breed-lover" or whatnot (I've received my fair share of these as presents from well meaning friends).

Vizsla love hat sweater

Not only do these "companies" steal my photos to promote their cheap t-shirts, but they couldn't care less about the breed. No matter what you purchase, please make sure you know where your money is going. I donate as much as I financially can to non-profits and there are many small companies that do the same out there. The products are more expensive than big companies but I employ people I know, artists I admire, and I'm using my own savings to fund everything. Since I have a small company, I end up purchasing supplies at much higher rates than big companies and end up paying double for base materials, shipping, import, and shipping out to the customer. It's just the reality for small shops but it's good to keep in mind when you wonder why everything costs more than an Amazon product shipped from overseas.

pointing bird shirt

Throughout this entire process of entrepreneurship I've met several wonderful humans putting everything on the line to create dog products and canine services they believe in. I'm so proud to call so many inspiring people my friends and have learned so much about business, taking chances, kindness and perseverance from those that come before. Thank you so much for popping by and visiting my shop! I hope you come back, and I hope you consider shopping smaller.